Tech Specs

Sound System:

Mackie CR 1604 acts as the FOH monitor mixer.
FOH is a 2-way stereo configuration, w/2 18" subs. Monitor mixes are sent from the aux section of the mixer (aux1 & 2).

13 channels on the board are available for input from stage. Channel 1 is our piano, 15 & 16 are used for effect return.

  • Aux1 - monitor wedge 1 (stage right)
  • Aux2 -  monitor wedge 2  (stage left)
  • Aux5 - Lexicon MX200 channel 1
  • Aux6 - Lexicon MX200 channel 2

FOH signal processing:

  • Lexicon MX200 (Aux 5/6, return at channel 15/16)
  • Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor
  • DOD 823 Stereo Crossover

System is powered by two QSC RMX 1400s (monitors, highs) and one QSC EX 2500 (lows)


  • 4 Shure SM58
  • 1 Shure PG57
  • 1 Shure Beta 52A

2 DI boxes (Live Wire, Whirlwind). Snake also has 4 line input that can be assigned to any channel.

We can provide more mics/DIs if necessary. Please inquire before the night of the show.

Stage dimensions: 11' deep, 11' wide, 0" high (stage area is on the floor)

There is a limited amount of storage space. You may end up storing empty cases in your vehicle. Equipment sharing may be required.

The live room, although quite small, sounds great. We rarely send anything other than vocals, kick drum any direct lines through the system.

Sound check: Due to space limitations, we provide a sound check to openers and line check other acts before their set. In rare cases we may check headliners.

For touring engineers: Persons operating The Cave's equipment must be respectful of its limitations, and comply with the verbal input of the house engineer. Our house engineer may remove any visiting engineer if deemed necessary to protect our equipment. Bands will be billed for damaged equipment in the appropriate circumstances.

Bands are responsible for any damage but not limited to equipment including: microphones, stands, monitors, sound boards. Receipts for that night will be withheld from that night's settlement to cover the cost of any damage incurred.

Contact Info:
Melissa Swingle, Owner | Technical Contact | Show Advances :: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.